Model No.: i-CF1
Price: HK$298
  • Matte

Brand Name: inno3C

- Refrigeration, fan, humidification 3 in 1 air cooler.

- Pour water or ice into the water tank to quickly cool down to create a cool wind.

- The 3 speed can be adjusted freely, and the high, medium and low winds blow the cool wind.

- 240ml large-capacity water tank, using ultrasonic atomization to spray water mist for humidification.

- Built-in 2000mAh capacity, wind continues for about 4 hours.

- The air outlet can be adjusted up and down, and the angle can be adjusted according to the needs.

- The appearance is elegant and fashionable, with a leather grip belt attached, which is easy to carry.

Portable Air cooler   
Capacity  2000mAh/ 7.4Wh (Battery Cell) 
Input(Type-C)  5V~1A
Water Volume   240ml
Size  150mm x 145mm x 180mm