Model No.: i-SB12
Price: HK$498
  • Matte

Brand Name: inno3C

- UV disinfection, wireless charging, aromatherapy purification 3 in 1

- Support 15W wireless fast charging (Support Apple 7.5W)

- Built-in 13 UV-C and UV-A lights for high efficiency disinfection

- Safe and intelligent induction, stop the disinfection function immediately after opening the cover, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet light to human eyes

- Four disinfection time modes (1 minute, 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 9 minutes) are available

- Almost suitable for all size Phones to sterilizer

- Ultraviolet disinfection for personal belongings (eg. Glasses, Earbuds, Watches etc.) or non-washable items. Obtained authoritative Detection Centre of Microbiology experiments have proven effective in killing up to 99.99%* of germs

- Can use disinfection and wireless charging and aromatherapy purification at the same time

- One-click simple operation.
(*Effective in killing up to 99.99% Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus.)

Universal UV Sterilizer Box   
Input (Type-C)  DC 5V~2A; 9V~2A(Max.)
Output (Wireless)  15W/ 10W/ 7.5W/ 5W
Output (UV light)  3W(Max.)


Gmicro Testing Report

Size  227mm x 128.5mm x 62mm
Weight  487g