Model No.: P-AP8
Price: HK$1798
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Brand Name: Pittm

Model No.: P-AP8

Meets and is approved by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for catering premises that provide dine-in food to specify the required specifications

HEPA Device 

- Hide UV-C ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection lamp (Pass the safety test of the authoritative laboratory, the UV leakage rate is 0).

- HEPA H13 filter drum barrel filter element, three layers of filtration, up to 99.985%.

  (Pass the filtration efficiency test of the authoritative laboratory)

     The first layer(Pre-Filter Layer): Removes hair, dust, cotton fibers and other large particles.

     The second layer(HEPA H13 Filter): Filter Germs, Viruses(0.3 um above), PM2.5, Cigarette smell, Dust mite,

                                                                  Pollen/Mould, Dust, Hair/Pet dander and other allergens.

      The third layer(Active Carbon Filter): Filter absorbs formaldehyde, odours and volatile organic compounds.

- Automatic intelligent induction air quality purifier (Blue light - high quality air ; Green light - medium air ; Orange light - poor air, *Automatically strengthen wind purification intensity according to air quality)

- 360° inlet air

- Provide three levels wind mode (L / H / Auto) for your choice to give you peace of mind and clean environment

- Provide 2 / 4 / 8 hours automatic shutdown function

- Filter replacement prompt

- Two levels of brightness adjustment

- CE Certificate

- Gmicro Test Report

- GTTC Test Report

Air Purifier   
Input  AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power  35W


SGS Test Report

Gmicro Testing Report

GTTC Test Report


195mm x 195mm x 403mm