Model No.: i-WD25UF
Price: HK$598
Promotion Price HK$498
  • Matte

Brand Name: inno3C

- Using TORAY high-quality Ultra-Filtration (UF) materials and technology:

  • Filters bacteria, impurities, suspended solids and larger particles in the water, retaining minerals that are beneficial to the human body (calcium, magnesium, etc.), improving water quality and making drinking water healthier.
  • Activated Carbon Fiber: Contains the lastest developed new type of activated carbon, which enhances water purification efficiency and can effectively remove heavy metals (such as lead, etc.), chemical residues (such as chlorine, etc.), odors and other pollutants in the water, improving the taste of the water.
  • Ag+ Silver Ion: Contains the Ag+ Silver Ion, which has long-term effect on inhibiting bacterial reproduction.

- Suitable for inno3C i-WD25 Instant Heating UV-C Ultra-Filtration Water Dispenser.