Model No.: i-WD25
Price: HK$2998
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Brand Name: inno3C

Model No.: i-WD25

Our company outlook design patent

Healthy water dispenser | inno3C

Water purification while retaining natural minerals


The ONLY Instant Heating Ultra-Filtration Water Dispenser in Hong Kong*


- Healthy water dispenser (4-stage filtration and sterilization water purification efficacy)

- The smallest ultrafiltration water dispenser in Hong Kong (3L capacity, suitable for home use in Hong Kong)

- Stylish appearance, humanized design (Integrated ultra-thin stainless steel body, thoughtful functional options)

inno3C  i-WD25 Instant Heating UV-C Ultra-Filtration Water Dispenser

4-stage filtration and sterilization water purification efficacy + instant heating water dispenser.

- 4-stage filtration and sterilization water purification efficacy:

Using TORAY high-quality Ultra-Filtration materials and technology:

  • Filters bacteria, impurities, suspended solids and larger particles in the water, retaining minerals that are beneficial to the human body (calcium, magnesium, etc.), improving water quality and making drinking water healthier.
  • Activated Carbon Fiber:

Contains the lastest developed new type of activated carbon fiber, which enhances water purification efficiency and can effectively remove heavy metals (such as lead, etc.), chemical residues (such as chlorine, etc.), odors and other pollutants in the water, improving the taste of the water.

  • Ag+ Silver Ion:

Contains the Ag+ Silver Ion, which has long-term effect on inhibiting bacterial reproduction. 

  • Hidden UV-C ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection:

Ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization treatment effectively kills bacteria and viruses in water at high flow rates, with a sterilization rate of over 99.99%, ensuring the safety and hygiene of drinking water.

- Instant heating function: Using PID electronic control, precise temperature control, with boil dry protection. It only takes 3 seconds to heat up the water immediately, no additional electricity is used to keep it warm or re-boil it.

- The water outlet can be adjusted up and down to match water cups of different heights; kettles of different sizes avoid water splashing around and getting the place wet when pouring water.

Up to 20 water volume options: From 100ml to 1200ml water volume, you can choose the amount of water you need for drinking.

13 types of water temperature adjustment: Adjust the water temperature in 5°C increments. Choose a suitable water temperature between 45°C - H1 (96°C - 100°C).

5 preset hot water brewing options: There are 5 presets: black tea, coffee, white tea, green tea, and baby milk. The water volume and water temperature have been preset, so you can choose the option at any time according to your needs.

「Intimate Memory」setting function: The water dispenser will automatically remember the last option and return to the last set water temperature and water output when used.

- Water tank filling reminder function.

- Filter replacement reminder function.

- Descaling water cleaning function.

- Security lock function.

- 3 liter large capacity portable water tank.

- Removable magnetic drip tray.

- One-piece ultra-thin stainless steel body, highlight technology fashion sense.

- LCD screen display, buttons are easy to operate.

- An unbreakable water tank made of PETG high-grade food-grade materials.

- Water-contact parts are made of FDA food grade materials, and all have passed FDA safety certification.

- Passed the authoritative SGS test certification, and the filtration effect reaches NSF/ANSI 53, 42 standards.

- The filter element uses up to 1500L water filter capacity (Replaced about 1 year)

- This product has a registered outlook design patent in Hong Kong.

*Note: Until February 01, 2024, the inno3C i-WD25 Instant Heating UV-C Ultra-Filtration Water Dispenser is the only and smallest in Hong Kong with a 3-liter portable water tank, adjustable water outlet, Instant Heating, UV-C sterilization and Ultra-Filtration performance."

 Instant Heating UV-C Ultra-Filtration Water Dispenser   
Input  AC 220-240V~, 50/60Hz
Power  2000W
Water Capacity   3L

 370mm x 135mm x 293mm