Model No.: i-SH16
Price: HK$498
Promotion Price HK$398
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Brand Name: inno3C

Our company outlook design patent

- IoT intelligent control, remote control of preheating, wind speed, rotation, and other functional modes.

- 1500W output, fast heat transfer from ceramic plate.

- 3 levels of wind speeds (natural wind, warm wind, hot wind).

- The body can be rotated in a wide angle (around 90 degrees), and warm air can be blown out from multiple angles.

- Provide 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 hours automatic shutdown function.

- Equipped with a warm yellow ambient light function, fusion atmosphere.

- Anti-short circuit, anti-overload, anti-overheating, anti-overcurrent.

- Touch panel function design.

- Child safety lock function.

- Made of fireproof materials for safety protection.

- Dumping power-off protection.

- Against overheating protection.

- Low noise operation to increase sleep quality.

- Equipped handle position, easy to move and carry.

- Strict safety testing and CE certification.

- This product has applied for a registration of design in Hong Kong.

Smart Heater IoT   
input  220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz 
Power   1500W Max.