Model No.: i-ACW3
Price: HK$2988
Promotion Price HK$1988
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Brand Name: inno3C

Model No.: i-ACW3

* The only Hot and Cool Fan certified to kill COVID-19 in Hong Kong.

5 in 1 Air Purification + Hot and Cool fan.

5 in 1 Purifying Efficacy: :

HEPA H13 medical grade filter, potent Filter :

- Contains TYF-ESD Killing and Purifying filter material, Kills >99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) (with independent third-party report).

- Contains Activated carbon filters and absorbs formaldehyde, odors and volatile organic compounds.

HEPA H13 medical grade filter Up to 99.985% filtration efficiency (with independent third party filtration efficiency test report) Filters bacteria, viruses (above 0.3 microns), PM2.5, allergens, molds, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mites and their excrement, etc.

Hidden UV-C ultraviolet germicidal disinfection lamp (with independent third-party safety test report, the UV leakage rate is 0).

The negative ion generator releases negative ions to adsorb particulate pollutants, accumulate and settle, carry out chemical reaction decomposition, and effectively purify the air.

- In ECO mode, intelligent temperature adjustment function, real-time room temperature display, the system automatically adjusts the the cool and hot wind power according to the environmental temperature changing.

3-color clean air indicator light (blue light - high quality air ; green light - medium quality air ; red light - poor quality air) *Automatically strengthen wind purification intensity according to air quality.

- Equipped with IoT function, WiFi remote control.

- The air outlet can adjust the front and rear angles and the left and right wide-angle automatic air supply.

- Auto Mode + 12 levels of cool wind and 5 levels of warm wind Wind adjustment.

- 30-35 temperature warm air regulation.

- Power: 2000W Max. (Warm Wind).

- Provide 1 / 3 / 6 / 9 hours automatic shutdown function.

- Filter replacement remind (The filter icon flashes Red).

- Dumping power-off protection.

- Child safety lock function.

- Touch LED screen display, Easy to control.

- A remote control is attached, and the body can be magnetic attracted for easy storage.

This product has a registered outlook design patent in Hong Kong.


* Note: Until January 01, 2023, inno3C i-ACW3 HEPA cum UV-C Sterilization Hot & Cool Fan, which uses TYF-ESD killing & purifying filter material, is the only retail Hot & Cool Fan product in Hong Kong that has an independent third-party report that can kill SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus.

 HEPA cum UV-C Sterilization Hot & Cool Fan   
 Input  220V-240V~ 50/60Hz 13A
 Power  2000W Max. (Warm Wind)    



  245mm x 245mm x 729mm