Model No.: i-AF8
Price: HK$2388
(Promotion Price HK$1688)
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Brand Name: inno3C

Model No.: i-AF8

• 6 in 1 purifying + bladeless fan.

• 6 in 1 purifying Efficacy:
- Hidden UV-C ultraviolet germicidal disinfection lamp.

- The negative ion generator releases negative ions to adsorb particulate pollutants, accumulate and settle, carry out chemical reaction decomposition, and effectively purify the air.

HEPA H13 medical grade filter, potent Filter :
- The Ag+ silver ion antibacterial layer has the function of bacteriostasis and sterilization, which can strongly adsorb bacteria, and quickly combine with them to destroy bacteria and cause bacteria to die.
- HEPA H13 medical grade filter Up to 99.985% filtration efficiency Filters bacteria, viruses (above 0.3 microns), PM2.5, allergens, molds, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mites and their excrement, etc.
(*Two HEPA H13 medical grade filters are included for replacement.)

Nano-mineral crystal composite filter to air purifying:
- The adsorption capacity of coconut shell activated carbon is greatly enhanced, comparing with ordinary activated carbon, and it can filter and absorb formaldehyde, odor and volatile organic compounds.
- Nano mineral crystal may absorb different kinds of harmful gaseous particles, etc.
(*Two pieces of nano-mineral crystal composite filters are attached, which can be reused. The composite filter can restore the activity of nano-mineral crystals and coconut shell activated carbon under the sun, and restore the powerful adsorption and purification function.)

• The air outlet can adjust the front and rear angles and the left and right wide-angle automatic air supply.
• In ECO mode, intelligent temperature adjustment function, real-time room temperature display, the system automatically adjusts the wind power according to the environmental temperature changing.
• Long distance air supply, strong wind, 9 blocks of natural wind.
• With remote control, up to 8 meters remote control distance, easy to operate.
• Low-noise cool wind, peace of mind sleep.
• Leafless design, stable chassis and low center of gravity, ensuring safety.
• Simple operation, touch the screen to shift speed levels.
• The remote control is equipped with a magnet, which can be attached to the fan body for easy storage.
• Easy to clean and maintain.

Puriflying Bladeless Fan   
Input  AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power  30W



 953mm x 235mm x 235mm